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Control Talk Column

Improving safety performance: compliance vs. competence—part 2

There are changes the process industry can make for better safety performance
Control Talk Column

Improving safety performance: compliance vs. competence, part 1

Why the process industries need practical improvements in business policies, and how to do it
Control Talk Column

Achieving plantwide, multivariable control

These practical techniques help eliminate compartmentalization of multivariable control
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One wish for 2024—more APC

We conclude this modeling and control series by asking engineers to use simulations to achieve more prolific and productive APC
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Inferential measurements are the future

Online inferential measurements can offer accuracy for flow, temperature and pH performance
Powering Plant Optimization And Safety
Control Talk Column

Control Talk: Powering plant optimization and safety

How dynamic simulation and process control can help operators make the most of their opportunities
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Control Talk: Machine learning, deep learning and nonlinear controls

Why you should be intrigued, and why you should be cautious
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Loop Control

Foray into feedforward control

There may be many more opportunities to preemptively correct for a measured disturbance via feedforward control than we realize.
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Loop Control

Best practices in column control distilled, part 5

Greg concludes his conversation with Mark Darby and Doug Nicholson about optimal distillation control

Realizing ratio control

Proactively keep units in balance without waiting for feedback correction
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The concealed PID revealed, part 5

This Control Talk column appeared in the February 2022 print edition of Control. To read more Control Talk columns click here or read the Control Talk blog here. Greg: In Part...
Loop Control

The concealed PID revealed, part 4

Understand PID subtleties to improve and optimize loop and process performance