2024 Process Automation Hall of Fame: Joe Weiss’ winding river

A series of nuclear energy projects set Weiss on a journey to becoming an expert in control systems cybersecurity

Many players, one cybersecurity goal

ABB, Honeywell, Mission Secure and Phoenix Contact share their cybersecurity expertise

ISAGCA calls for joint security exercises, procedures and backups

ISA Global Cybersecurity Alliance shows how OT and IT can cooperate to defeat ransomware and other cyber-threats

Modern cybersecurity monitors, connects and collaborates

Emerson shows how to get beyond traditional barriers and block-and-tackle methods

Live and active cybersecurity

Cybersecurity week 2023: Protections and responses must constantly evolve to meet ever-changing threats and attacks

Basics before buzzwords

System integrator Interstates emphasizes that security infrastructures must come before the latest protections

Plan ahead to access intelligence

BW Offshore uses Claroty’s threat detection software, and Tata Steel use Acronis’ data protection and cybersecurity software

Once burned, twice prepared

System integrator QDS adds cybersecurity to power upgrade for New Orleans water/wastewater system
Recent Control System Cyber Cases Can Impact Safe Facility Operation
Unfettered Blog

Recent control system cyber cases can impact safe facility operation

Internet Protocol network hacks and ransomware may not be able to be stopped, according to recent cases with Johnson Controls and Bentley-Nevada
Cs2 Ai Podcast On Control System Cybersecurity
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CS2AI podcast on control system cybersecurity

A discussion on control system cybersecurity from CS2AI's podcast "96: Exploring the Depths of Industrial Cybersecurity with Joe Weiss: A Legendary Return to the Podcast"
Hargrove Logo Color
Industrial Networks

Familiarity with IIoT clarifies onsite vs. cloud debates

IIoT mini-series—Day 10—System integrator Hargrove Controls & Automation shows how to resolve virtualization and simulation, and on-premises and cloud-computing questions