Choosing the right flowmeter for flare gas detection

Our experts recommend ultrasonic flowmeters to get the job done right
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Inferential measurements are the future

Online inferential measurements can offer accuracy for flow, temperature and pH performance
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Micro Motion G-Series Coriolis flow and density sensor with 4700 Coriolis transmitter with Bluetooth wireless technology.

Coriolis combo combines reliability with advances

Ultra-compact flow sensor and transmitter with Bluetooth work together for flexible retrofits or replacements
Calculating The Value Of Irrigation Flow Measurement Choices

Ask the experts: Calculating the value of irrigation flow measurement choices

Our process control experts discuss flowmeters and irrigation applications, including why cost and value should be at the top of an engineer's mind.
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Vortex flowmeters and low-pressure steam applications

Ask the Experts: Is a vortex flowmeter is the best selection for a low-pressure steam application? Also, keeping lines open with purging systems

Best practices in column control distilled, part 1

Mark Darby joins Greg to share the ins and outs of composition control strategies

3 experts' advice on compressor surge protection

This column is moderated by Béla Lipták, automation and safety consultant and editor of the Instrument and Automation Engineers' Handbook (IAEH). If you have an automation-related...

17 flow solutions that use communications to deliver flow and related data

Water data connects to cloudPromag W 800 electromagnetic, battery-powered flowmeter with backlit display provides maintenance-free operation for up to 15 years, as well as worldwide...

Detecting natural gas leaks from space

The associated emissions of methane make natural gas usage anything but green

Coriolis technology fueling chemical industry transformation

Back when Micro Motion debuted the first Coriolis meter some 45 years ago, the chemical industry was really the first to recognize the inherent advantages of direct mass flow ...

Coriolis technology fueling chemical industry transformation

A Control Amplified podcast with Don Fregelette, Vice President, Chemical Industry, Emerson