Data Analytics

Data Analytics

The power of generative AI and advanced analytics

Generative AI offers new possibilities for advanced analytics, but users must evaluate readiness before diving in
Quantifying Lost Manufacturing Time
Data Analytics

Quantifying lost manufacturing time

In part one of this two-part series, agrochemicals producer Syngenta shows how it used Seeq software to identify production losses, and increase efficiency and profitability
The Usual Analytics Software Suspects
Data Analytics

The usual (analytics) software suspects

An updated but incomplete list of the primary data analytics software packages and tools
Figure 1: As part of its self-service analytics program, Parkland Corp.’s Burnaby refinery near Vancouver, B.C., adopted Seeq’s data analytics software to filter years of datasets for its main air blower, and identify anomalies in one hour instead of 40 hours. It’s also assessing inferential models by using Seeq’s Capsules and its DCS’ indicator function to automatically align sample timestamps for lab results and predictions, and enable them to quickly perform residual calculations for models of many processes at the refinery. Source: Parkland and Seeq
Data Analytics

British Columbia refinery succeeds with Seeq's self-service analytics

Parkland’s Burnaby refinery near Vancouver, B.C., uses Seeq software to filter data, measure models and solve other problems
computer generated illustration of data cloud with magnifying glass highlighting data
Batch Management

Lubrizol uses cross-checking statistics process to find formerly hidden deviations

How a manufacturer of active and stabilizing ingredients is using data analytics to identify hidden deviations and address them at the time the deviation occurs, rather than at...
Data Analytics

IIoT: The gift that keeps on giving

Maverick Technologies shows how IIoT’s circle of advantages can widen
Data Acquisition

Growing toward the data

ARB Midstream and system integrator INS quickly develop web-based SCADA system
Data Analytics

A shift in focus: Create a virtuous cycle to advance sustainability

A Control Amplified podcast with Chris Hamlin, Capability Development Lead, Seeq
Data Acquisition

IIoT grows up, users ramp up

System integrator E Tech and Lake Cable show how IIoT accelerates and expands applications

IIoT works overtime

The Industrial Internet of Things is surpassing itself with added data sources, more detailed information and greater insights—if users are open-minded and flexible enough to ...

IIoT: Begin with the basics

The fast-evolving Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) landscape requires potential users to be even more open-minded in learning what IIoT can do and more flexible in keeping...