Growing pains of industrial networks

More powerful networks mean cybersecurity vulnerabilities must be minimized

Impact of everywhere HMI

Context is critical for process information, so mobile displays must handle the job

Island hopping beyond the edge

Emerson, Honeywell and Siemens weigh in on mobility and edge computing

Assembling a digitalized lasagna

System integrator Gray Solutions shows how audits, skills, standards and cybersecurity build combined wireless, mobility and edge computing solutions

Untethered mobility

Digitalization combines wireless and edge computing in new ways

Wireless advances likely to make an impact

Wireless capabilities will continue to expand by leaps and bounds
2311 Wireless

Emerging technologies rely on standards

Inside the development of the metaverse, bio-digital convergence, quantum technologies and AI ecosystems
Scada Evolution Changing To Meet New Challenges

SCADA evolution: Changing to meet new challenges

Fifth-generation systems are the largest SCADA transition yet
Tackling The Challenge Of I Io T

Tackling the challenge of IIoT

When available, cellular has coverage, particularly for IIoT devices that tend to be stationary, but come with the costs of services and associated supporting infrastructure that...
Figure 1: From a real estate standpoint, developing something so it is “backwards compatible” has the potential to make the DCN a reality
I/O Systems

I/O systems get smarter, simpler

Often overlooked, I/O Systems remain critical to any control loop

Wireless complicates HMI design

Expectations of 'data access anywhere' introduce special OT considerations