Industrial Networks

Industrial Networks

What can Ethernet-APL do for you?

Ethernet-Advanced Physical Layer (APL) starts with intrinsic safety, but high speed, diverse data, network simplicity and other advantages quickly follow
Industrial Networks

Dow tests Ethernet-APL, too

Dow wants to learn "how Ethernet-APL can provide more data" and is setting up evaluations at laboratories in Houston and the Netherlands
Industrial Networks

BASF leads the way

Since building its test lab in 2019-20 in Germany, BASF is still the furthest along in testing, applying and improving Ethernet-APL
Industrial Networks

APL products start popping

Phoenix Contact, Pepperl+Fuchs and Relcom presented Ethernet-APL products at Single-Pair Ethernet Education Day 2024
Industrial Networks

Snag removal speeds Ethernet into safety settings

Ethernet-APL runs at 10 Mbps, faster than protocols like Foundation Fieldbus, Profibus PA or HART
Navigating The Challenges Of Industrial Process Control Upgrades
Industrial Networks

Navigating the challenges of industrial process control upgrades

There’s no reason today’s fieldbus can’t last another 20 to 30 years, but we need our best suppliers to be on board with the end-users
Identco Vortex Id Wire Wrap Machine
Industrial Networks

Wire marking system can apply 20 labels per minute

VortexID automated wire marking system can apply up to 20 labels per minute to wires, cables and harnesses. It can operate 24/7, and handle a variety of American wire gauge (AWG...
Middle Three
Industrial Networks

Waterproof connectors and adapters for harsh settings

Pisces waterproof connectors and adapters for harsh environments include SAM, N, TNC and BNC types, as well as optional customization. They’re available in straight, right-angle...
Bin960 Binder Series 720 300 Dpi[1]
Industrial Networks

Mini connectors add threaded ring for load protections

Snap-in 720 and NCC 770 miniature connectors have added angled variants, and added a threaded ring between the contact body and the angled housing. This enables connectors to ...
Flex Tee
Industrial Networks

IP67-rated tee splitters with standard and custom options

Flex Tee splitters allow easier, faster installation of cables that split signals and/or power without needing any added field wiring. Their overmolded central housing lets them...
Temp Npi 430 X430 (1)
Industrial Networks

Single-pair Ethernet jacks, cords and cordsets

Lumberg Single Pair Ethernet (SPE) connectivity products are designed to optimize Ethernet connection possibilities in harsh environments, including industrial and transportation...