Free to move

Robotic mobility and diversity can fuel optimism, too

Sequencing split-range valves

Examining best practices for low-flow and high-flow valve applications

Increasing Earth's albedo to combat global warming

Why manipulating the reflectivity of the planet just might work
Source: Emerson
Fisher FIELDVUE DVC7K digital valve controller uses real-time edge computing to provide diagnostics, alerts and recommendations to improve performance, reliability and uptime.

Advice at the device—and remotely

Digital valve controller employs real-time, edge computing to deliver diagnostics, alerts and recommendations
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VFD with microprocessor, modularity

DM1 microdrives are part of Eaton’s next-generation PowerXL Series of adjustable frequency drives engineered for demanding commercial and industrial applications. Their power ...
Keb America Cd Roundup S6 Servo

Servo drive provides safety options

S6 servo drive delivers high torque and speed with accuracy and responsiveness. It features integrated functional safety options, including failsafe-over-EtherCAT (FSoE), SIL3...
June july 2023 Control Global Product Roundup Image Acs150 70431330

Micro-drives, wide power range, macro functions

ACS150 micro-drives from ABB have a wide power range of 0.37 to 4 kW at 0.5 to 5 hp, and are available with single- and three-phase supplies. Many functions are standard, such...
J5 Main Lineup Mix Low

Common DC bus servo drive amplifiers

Melservo-J5D common DC servo drive amplifiers are ideal for medium to large servo applications that require multiple drive units capable of managing regenerative energy. Available...
Frenic Ace Ds 5 300dpi

Multi-rated drive for AC applications

Frenic-Ace is a high-performance, full-featured drive provides a compact, powerful, multi-rated specification solution for virtually all AC drive applications. It uses components...
Motors Drives

Servo amplifiers with torque, speed or position control

Sigma II series servo amplifiers from Yaskawa cover 30 W to 55 kW with input voltages of 110, 230, and 480 VAC. They can be set to torque, speed or position control with serial...