Temperature innovations boost measurement resiliency and accuracy during operation

Innovations in electronic diagnostics, physical design and sensor redundancy head off process interruptions

Faster and easier temperature measurement installation without a process shutdown

Turn to fully integrated assemblies and non-intrusive alternatives to streamline implementation without sacrificing performance

Error-proof the design of your next temperature measurement point

New solutions offer the ability to ease the thermowell design process —or eliminate it altogether

Temperature measurement innovation advances process performance

“Accurate temperature measurements help ensure product and process safety, quality, and efficiency in a variety of process industries,” Michael Olivier shares

Overcoming temperature measurement uncertainty

The path to temperature certainty requires proper testing at the operating point
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Digital temperature controller with 50-ms sampling period

E5CC series temperature controllers from Omron offer precise control performance, easy set-up and exceptional visibility. Their fast-sampling period of 50 ms assures accurate ...
Ts+ Temperature Sensor Turck

Probe-style, programmable, fluid-temperature sensors

TS+ probe-style, programmable, fluid-temperature sensors have a standard, rotating display for simple orientation adjustments, which lets users orient it for optimum viewing. ...
E+h I Temp Tmt31 Image

Temperature transmitter for analog, 4-20mA signals

iTemp TMT31 temperature transmitter for analog 4-20mA signals improves on its RTD predecessors with better connections, and is available in two optimized formats. The first incorporates...
Prosense Temperature Transmitters 5x7

Rail- and head-mounted, universal, programmable temperature transmitters

ProSense XTD2 series DIN rail-mounted and XTH2 series head-mounted, universal, programmable temperature transmitters provide a linearized, two-wire current loop output that can...
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Product roundup: Pressure, temperature expand in all directions

Transmitters get more sensors, inlets, power sources, network links, safety approvals and other capabilities

Best practices in column control distilled, part 2

Greg McMillan continues his conversation with Mark Darby about optimal distillation control