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April 23, 2024
Control’s monthly resources guide

Simplify with S88 software

This online article, “Providing flexibility in batch control” by Jeff Elliott, covers some history of the ANSI/ISA88 standard and subsequent software packages designed to carry out S88-style recipes, phases and other functions in similar ways, and achieve comparable advantages. The article shows how Valmet performs state-based control and S88 control using Phase logic and its FlexBatch software.

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Predictible + repetible

This Control Talk column, “How to get the best batch control” by Michael Taube and Greg McMillan, shows how to achieve robust batch control applications. This includes computing batch profiles, and using batch control sequences. Taube reports that robust sequences are tolerant of perturbations, can generate predictable and repeatable behavior, require no manual intervention, and don’t overlook initialization.

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Steps and methods

The online article, “Batch process control” by Shreya Gore, outlines all the essential steps for effective control, such as define and adjust parameters, set procedures, monitor variables, establish strategies, acquires and analyze data, maintain calibration, document and learn, training and regulatory compliance. It also covers batch control methods using programmable logic controllers (PLC), distributed control systems (DCS), proportional-integrate-derivative (PID), statistical process control (SPC) and supervisory control and acquisition (SCADA).

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Phases and modules

This 16-minute video, “What is batch processing?” by Saumil Patel, explains how batch processing differs from traditional programming, and shows how users can implement the principles of the ISA88 standard. It also covers phases concepts, equipment modules and control modules.

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Juggling batch analytics

This online article, “Understanding the basics of batch process data analytics,” advises using performance objectives to help decide what analytics method to use. These methods include monitoring a process with one set of input data using principal component analysis (PCA), modeling a process output with two data sets; batch process modeling with a two-way data table, introducing SPC, and using batch evolution and batch level models.

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Compounding cow feed

This seven-page academic paper, “PLC-based batch process control systems a cattle feed plant” by Lohit Banakar ad Veena P.N., shows how to formulate balanced rations using PLCs on a feed production line. It covers system components, recipe builder software, programming I/O and controllers, process configuration/operation and management software, and menus and screens.

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Deficiencies + difficulties

This online article, “Automate your batch process—part 2” by Cecil Smith integrates a chemical engineer’s perspective with batch process automation efforts. It covers simple and complex control deficiencies, such as output tracking and difficulties added by plant equipment, as well as split-range techniques and controllers and throughputs in a batch facility. While a lengthy preview is available, membership and a login are required.

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Best of last time

This online article, “10 batch resources you need to see,” includes all the entries and links from the 2022 resource guide on batch.

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