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Control Talk Column

The unrecognized challenges of process control

Some challenges of the past are possibly even more problematic today
Loop Control

Use first-principles techniques to get FOPDT coefficient values

Compared with empirical methods, a first-principles approach can save time and money, plus boost process understanding
Loop Control

The concealed PID revealed, part 5

This Control Talk column appeared in the February 2022 print edition of Control. To read more Control Talk columns click here or read the Control Talk blog here. Greg: In Part...
Loop Control

The concealed PID revealed, part 3

How two-degree-of-freedom controllers both optimize setpoint response and minimize the effect of load disturbances
Loop Control

Do your control loops play nice?

A position controller can tame conflicts among multiple variables

Variations in the PID algorithm

Care is needed, as the same vocabulary may imply different mathematics
Industrial Computers

Product roundup: Controllers and computers share the road

Innovative accessories and connections everywhere enable control anywhere
Loop Control

Ask the experts: Addressable loops and schizoid thermocouples

Our experts address the limits of addressable F&G loops and how to troubleshoot misbehaving thermocouples
Distributed Control

When to use controller output signal characterization

If process gain changes with controller output, here’s how to linearize loop response and tame troublesome tuning
Loop Control

Simulation enhances career and system performance

Profession and process control go hand-in-hand, benefiting from the deeper understanding and outside-the-box thinking gained through simulation