Industrial Networks

The many advantages of Ethernet-APL

Members of the NAMUR APL Task Force and ZVEI APL Task Force shared the advantages of Ethernet-APL at the SPS Nürnberg 2023 conference last November

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Industrial Networks

What can Ethernet-APL do for you?

Ethernet-Advanced Physical Layer (APL) starts with intrinsic safety, but high speed, diverse data, network simplicity and other advantages quickly follow
Industrial Networks

Dow tests Ethernet-APL, too

Dow wants to learn "how Ethernet-APL can provide more data" and is setting up evaluations at laboratories in Houston and the Netherlands

A conversation with 2024 Process Automation Hall of Fame inductee Joe Weiss

A Control Amplified podcast with Joe Weiss, managing partner, Applied Control Solutions
Industrial Networks

BASF leads the way

Since building its test lab in 2019-20 in Germany, BASF is still the furthest along in testing, applying and improving Ethernet-APL
Industrial Networks

APL products start popping

Phoenix Contact, Pepperl+Fuchs and Relcom presented Ethernet-APL products at Single-Pair Ethernet Education Day 2024
Industrial Networks

Snag removal speeds Ethernet into safety settings

Ethernet-APL runs at 10 Mbps, faster than protocols like Foundation Fieldbus, Profibus PA or HART
Industrial Networks

Interoperability buyers beware

Learn, question and test to secure promised capabilities
Asset Management

As industry changes, so must device management

A global call for more efficiency and sustainability brings an increased need for digital transformation of outdated reliability strategies
Alarm Management

The philosophy of fire alarms and safety

How can the interplay between artificial and human intelligence help prevent catastrophe?
Loop Control

Ensuring the right controller is in charge

Taking a by-the-numbers look to override control and external reset feedback

The clash of safety and security

There are many similarities between safety and security in control systems, but what should you do when conflicts emerge?
Control Talk Column

Improving safety performance: compliance vs. competence—part 2

There are changes the process industry can make for better safety performance